Through the infra-annual termination

If your current mutual health insurance is 12 months or more, Lovys can terminate it for you with your old insurer under the law on infra-annual termination.

For that, it's very simple :

1. Choose a Lovys contract start date of +40 days (notice period with your old insurer to be respected)

2. Subscribe the contract

3. Contact our team at to request the termination of your old contract with the following information:

Name of former insurer

- Postal / email address former insurer

- Old contract number

- Old contract subscription date

You can request the infra-annual termination of your old contract directly from your insurer by registered mail or any other means mentioned in your contract documents.

Through the Châtel law termination

You can cancel your current mutual health insurance yourself upon receipt of your notice of expiry. Your current insurer must notify you 75 days before the annual end date of your contract.

Send a termination letter to your mutual insurance company by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt at least two months before the anniversary date of your contract, requesting the termination of your contract at the end of its term.

You can terminate your health insurance contract before the anniversary date of your contract in 2 situations:

When there is a change of situation or if you are hired in the private sector. This change must necessarily modify your level of risks covered by your mutual health insurance. 

The eligible situations are as follows:

- A marriage

- A divorce

- The death of your spouse

- Moving

- A change of profession

- A retirement

In order to terminate your mutual health insurance, you must attach a document attesting to the change in your situation. From the change of situation, you have 3 months to submit your cancellation request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurer.