We debit the first monthly instalment of your mutuelle on the day of your subscription, even if the date of commencement of cover is in the future. This validates your subscription. The second monthly payment is debited at the beginning of the second month of the contract.

For example, let's say you subscribe to a Lovys health insurance plan on December 5, and the effective date of your benefits is January 3.

- The first deduction will therefore be made on the day of your subscription, i.e. December 5.

- There will be no deductions on January 3.

- The second deduction will take place on February 3.


If you have subscribed to several Lovys contracts, all direct debits will be grouped together on the subscription date of the first contract.

For example, if you took out a Lovys home insurance policy on January 1 at €10 per month, then a Lovys health insurance policy on January 15 at €20 per month, you will be debited as follows: on February 1, you will be debited €10 for the home insurance policy, and on February 15, €10 for the health insurance policy. From March 1 onwards, you will be debited a total of €30 on the same date each month.