Lovys allows you to insure all your belongings through a single monthly payment. 

We explain here how it works : 

For example, you decide to insure your house, your phone and your car for a total of 86€/month. We will debit your account once a month on the anniversary date of the first subscription (if you subscribed on January 10th, then the debit will take place every 10th of the month). 

Subscription of a second insurance :   

If you add a new insurance on Lovys (e.g. on the 14th of the month), you pay the first monthly payment on a pro rata basis (here 21 days) so that your Lovys global monthly payment continues to be debited on the 10th of the month. 

Say goodbye to annual prepayments. At last, you'll finally be able to easily control your "insurance" budget.