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Tue, 23 Apr, 2024 at 4:03 PM
Policy Management
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Claims Management
Tue, 23 Apr, 2024 at 4:06 PM
How do I subscribe to a home insurance online?
In order properly subscribe to home insurances for Spain you need to follow the next steps. 1.
Tue, 19 Mar, 2024 at 10:32 PM
How do I cancel a contract for a customer?
Customers can request a cancelation of their contract at anytime from their personal space, we do not cancel in behalf of the customer anymore.
Tue, 26 Mar, 2024 at 2:15 AM
How to resolve a ticket?
In order to resolve a ticket you must click on Status the choose Resolved and then just click on the blue button at the bottom Update.
Wed, 27 Mar, 2024 at 4:43 PM