Isn't paperwork your thing? That's good for us either! However, to guarantee your precious vehicle, our great team needs a certain number of documents to validate your subscription (rest assured, the list is not as long as your list at Santa Claus) ?

? Your double-sided driving license (French or European license B over 36 months, pink license included!)

? One or more information statements: this is a legal document that reports the history of your auto contracting an insurance company. It can be requested at any time from your current or past insurer. [More information ? FAQ]

? The final gray card of your vehicle: the identity document of your car, that's it! Otherwise, a Provisional Registration Certificate (available from the ANTS website) or the Acknowledgement of Registration of your change of holder request (AE) will do the trick if you have recently purchased your vehicle and need to proceed. to changes in vehicle registration documents.