Do you live in a home with other people and are wondering how to insure all of you? There are two possibilities depending on your needs and the type of lease signed with your landlord.

The most optimal solution for a shared apartment is to insure the whole accommodation, for everyone, and to share the costs as you could with your bills if you have a common lease.

? you are certain to insure each of the cohabitants at the same level, and it is more economical.

? You must agree to ensure that everyone participates and in case of departure of the subscriber of the contract, it will be necessary to subscribe to a new contract.

The most flexible solution is for each of the cohabitants to take out an individual insurance contract if you have a personal lease.

? you are sure to insure all your personal belongings and in the event of a move, all you have to do is terminate your contract (always just as easily from your Lovys insured space!)

? You pay a little more and in the event of a claim, only damage to your property in your room and common rooms may be taken into account.

What Should I do ?

In the case of a joint subscription, it suffices that one of the roommates (or the owner) takes out an insurance contract in the main residence, and then adds the other inhabitants as beneficiaries on the contract during the subscription.

Of course, in case of move or departure of one of the inhabitants, let us know by chat, email and we will take care of the rest?


The assets of the entire roommate must be added to adjust the movable capital accordingly.

The same goes for potential valuables

On the other hand, if you live in furnished accommodation, there is no need to count the furniture in the declared movable capital, it is insured by your landlord.

In the case of an individual subscription, it suffices to insure your room + 1 room. For the area, you must enter an area equal to the area of your room + the common rooms in m2.

Now, you know everything to ensure your cozy shared nest!