We protect your valuables against almost everything! 

Whether you are a seasoned violinist, a seasoned pianist, have bought a 160cm OLED 4k plasma screen and cassette player, or keep your great grandmother's pearl necklace, we advise you to choose this option.

Indeed, by declaring us the valuables that you have, the damage caused to these objects will be fully covered. You will simply need to provide proof of a document attesting to the value of the object in question (invoice, certificate, appraisal, etc.) in the event of a claim.

Why declare your valuables?


First of all, because in the event of a disaster. They represent a larger amount to be compensated.

Then because they are compensated differently than the goods of your movable capital according to the place where they are stored and other parameters detailed in the General Conditions of your contract.

Finally, because of their great value, they represent a higher risk of being stolen.


--> For these reasons, valuables must be declared to us, otherwise they cannot be fully covered in the event of a claim.