It is never easy to deal with a claim, and that is why we have set up a simple and quick procedure to assist you as quickly as possible.

According to your guarantees and the options you have subscribed, you can declare 7 types of claims whether you are responsible or not: 

  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Glass breakage
  • Civil liability
  • Climatic events
  • Fire
  • Electrical damage

To declare an event

We have put at your disposal 2 different ways to make your declaration.

--> Firstly, the simplest and most direct option: declaring a claim online from your customer area on a computer or via our mobile application. 

1️⃣ You connect to your customer area

2️⃣ You go to the "my insurance" section

3️⃣ You click on the page of the concerned contract

4️⃣ You click on the orange button "Declare a claim" as below

5️⃣ You follow the instructions to give us as much information as possible 

⚠ A false declaration cannot be taken into account and could lead to consequences with the competent authorities. And you will agree, no one wants to go there!

6️⃣ You validate your official declaration so that it can be registered and sent to our management team

--> The second option will be to email your statement directly to us with the following:

  • a detailed and detailed statement of the loss (date, time, place, cause of loss) with your contract number
  • photos of the damage (general view and details of the damage)
  • the contact details of the persons concerned (you, neighbours, co-ownership syndic, etc.)
  • any estimates or quotes already made
  • the joint report if present

As soon as you send your declaration, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours. If necessary, you can then contact our teams on +33 (0)1 75 62 90 70 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.