1- How can I take out Rent Default Insurance with Lovys?

You can take out Lovys Rent Default Insurance 100% online. If you are already our customer and you have home insurance, you will know that purchasing your insurance is a very simple and quick process. Not our customer yet? Click here ((link to funnel Rent Default Insurance)) and get an estimate of the price of your Rent Default Insurance with no obligation to pay.

Do you have any doubts about the process? Remember that you can contact us by phone (+34 919 03 07 87), by email (support@lovys.com) or using the chat on our website.

2- Once I have taken out Rent Default Insurance with Lovys, when does my policy come into effect?

You decide when your rent default insurance policy will come into effect. You can choose the time that best suits you as long as it is within 2 months of your subscription. When you purchase the policy, a calendar will open for you to choose your date. 

You will then see that the policy issue page will include the address of the rented property, the monthly payment and the insurance guarantees, but remember that the policy will not be 100% in effect until the insurer completes the risk analysis, the tenant agrees to the processing of their personal data and you as the property owner make the corresponding payment.

3- What is payment method for the Rent Default Insurance?

You will be able to pay your Rent Default Insurance subscription by credit or debit card.

4- My Rent Default Insurance policy is not in effect yet: what could be the reason?

If your policy is not active yet, you should consider the following: Have you made sure that your potential tenant has signed the consent to the processing of their personal data? Have you correctly uploaded the required tenant documents? You will have access to the status of this information in our platform, in your personal area. You may need to forward the consent request email to your potential tenant (please contact Lovys beforehand by emailing support@lovys.com or calling us on 919 030 787). You can also contact them by other means to ensure that everything is correct so that the process can run its course and the policy can come into effect.

5- What documents does the tenant need to have so that the policy can come into effect?

If you decide to take out Rent Default Insurance, you should bear in mind that, depending on the type of tenant, you would need specific supporting documents.

Here are the documents that you should have:

Salaried employee: Last 2 payslips + Updated employment report if less than 1 year old in the job

Public employee: Last 2 payslips

Self-employed: Personal Income Tax from last 2 quarters + Last annual Personal Income Tax return

Person subject to ERTE (Provisional Downsizing Plan): SEPE (Spanish Public Employment Service) supporting document

Pensioner: Up-to-date Social Security certificate stating the amount and type of pension

Unemployed: SEPE supporting document indicating the daily amount of money to be received and the duration of this benefit

6- When taking out a Rent Default Insurance, what happens if the tenant involved is not eligible after the solvency test has been carried out?

If the risk analysis turns out negative (i.e., the tenant does not pass the solvency test), an email will be sent to the property owner informing of the situation. 

When a tenant is rejected, the property owner will have the possibility to present a new tenant to take out rental insurance but will have to start a new process through the platform as the previous one, with the tenant who was rejected, will be deactivated.

Once the property owner submits the new tenants' information, a new risk analysis and, therefore, a new application process will be initiated.

7- Where can I see all my policy documentation when I take out a Rent Default Insurance?

All the documentation can be found on our website https://www.lovys.com/es/, in the Help - Personal area section. All you need to do is enter your username and password to gain access. Remember that if you have any questions, you can contact our Customer Service department. Do you remember that at Lovys we didn't like paperwork at all, right?