Who hasn't dreamt of securing their cocoon in less than 5 minutes? With Lovys, it's possible!  

We know that every second of your time is precious, that's why Lovys offers you a subscription system that is as simplified as possible. 

We have chosen the best guarantees for you. With Lovys home insurance you are covered against: 


  • Theft and vandalism 

  • Fires 

  • Water damage 

  • Natural and technological disasters 

  • Climatic events and much more! 


Simplify your life by choosing flexible insurance that suits you! That's why we offer you a large number of à la carte options to personalize your coverage according to your REAL needs:


  • Glass breakage (against kamikaze pigeons for example) 

  • The refurbishment of your apartment/house.

  • Electrical damage. 

  • School insurance. 



Stay in control by choosing the amount of your deductible. You're the BO$$! 

And it's not over yet!  

Lovys goes one step further and offers you a fully digitalized claim form allowing you to report your claims in just a few clicks. 

Isn't life beautiful? 

 I'm insuring my home !